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Sharks of the Open Ocean

Sharks play a keystone role in marine food webs as the apex predators and are recently becoming the frontier topic of food web studies and marine conservation because of their unique characteristics of evolution, though the limited of their feeding ecology and migration information. This course would emphasis the biology, ecology and conservation of pelagic sharks, including their interactions with preys and competitors with the aim of giving the students an overview of importance of shark species in the open ocean and increasing their knowledge of conservation on shark species. This course will provide the latest technologies in the studies of shark biology and ecology, such as stable isotope and fatty acid analysis, etc.  

1) 1. 《Sharks of the Open Ocean Biology, Fisheries and Conservation》 Merry D. Camhi, Ellen K. Pikitch, Elizabeth A. Babcock (2010), Blackwell Science出版社2008年出版

A. Peter Klimley (2013) 《The Biology of Sharks and Rays》

1) Marine Ecology Progress Series
2) Ecology
3) Marine Biology
4) Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
5) Deep Sea Research I

PPT files dowload:
Chapter 1 What is shark?;
Chapter 2 Where sharks live;
Chapter 3 How sharks work
Chapter 4 Life in the water
Chapter 5 Shark families
Chapter 6 Shark relative
Chapter 7 Shark and people
Chapter 8 Shark sciences

Reading papers
Eye lens radiocarbon reveals centuries of longevity in the Greenland shark, Science, 2016, 353(6300):702